• Gaston Avenue/Garland Road Land

    Dallas, Texas

    KCP Fund II

  • KCP Springs Pad Sites (SOLD)

    Westworth Village, Texas

    KCP Fund I

  • MHB Houston Land (44.3 Acres) (SOLD)

    Interstate 610 next to Reliant Park

    KCP Fund I

  • Riverside Resources (SOLD)

    Austin, Texas

    KCP Fund I

  • Melissa, Texas Land Pad Site (SOLD)

    Northwest Corner of SH 121 and FM 545 Melissa, Texas

    VCP Fund I

  • Childress, Texas Land (SOLD)

    Childress, Texas. 79201

    VCP Fund I

  • Bridgeport, Texas Pad Sites (SOLD)

    Bridgeport, Texas

    VCP Fund I